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August 09, 2004



ew, a secret half brother? i'm grossed out. but i'm going to ny anyway.


Bad kissing connection is nature's way of making sure two otherwise mutually attracted people don't combine genetics (a night of gin 'n tonic swilling notwithstanding).

Back in the day I had a "relationship" with this guy that was great: he was smart, rich, sarcastic, a good flirt and in general, a sexy thang. Even cooler: he was in love with me. But when he kissed me... it's inexplicable. I mean, I logically know that his tongue probably wasn't pointed, but I could have sworn... well it just wasn't right. I even tried it a couple more times to be sure. Maybe I should have slept with him to really really be sure, but that's just the wisdom and regrets of my 30 years talking.

Bottom line: something, somewhere out there is giving a pretty good sign that this ain't the one. He's probably a secret half-brother or undiscovered uncle. Careful!


no kissing sounds key! thanks, matt.


a gay gyno? i guess if anything would make you switch, that'd be it.


i once dated a guy--okay, slept with...we didn't really date...who was a doctor (he was a gynecologist which is kind of icky), cute, sweet...but when he kissed it was like...he had a flip top head and wanted to bite my face off. i had to end it. okay, we hooked up a couple more times, but no kissing.

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