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August 06, 2004



Hey Jane,
If you really want to get picked up again for another season, convince Marjorie to get breast implants ala Tara Reid- she just got a deal with FOX! See what a fake set of C cups can get you in LA?
Here is a question for answer friday-- will that Tampax Pearl Girl (always with ponytail and white pants) ever find out who keeps using her tampons?



Thanks for the reassurance. And if you were a real person, I'd DEFINATELY go outta my way to make an unnecessary trip to LA just SO I could keep an eye out for you. You and your friends Marjorie and Lizzie rep exactly what I like in girls: fun, humorous, adorable, older (I'm only 20), chipper, and of course white. Perfect combo. You ladies stay cool and do right by Davis and Ben. They have to tell me how they lucked out in scoring 3 close friends like you, Marjorie and Lizzie, especially when Ben is as big a dork as I am. Anyway, arrivaderci.


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