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August 31, 2004


Greg Dony`


Greg Dony


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Dentist Clearwater

Oh man! Losing your laptop with all your personals is terrible! It happened to a friend once and she freaked! Good thing you are still able to keep smiling!




Hi Jane


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milad gheisari

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Marc Even

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I love love love the show.

I sure hope it comes back soon!



Kevin Jones

Hey you're not real, Bill Clinton is real: http://billclintondailydiary.blogspot.com

Grooovy Love

Hi Jane, from one 'character' to another, you rock. Topless sangriabeer on the copa. Reminds me of some wildness back in my day (woodstock 69 if you know what i mean). Anyway, I'm hoping to use the popularity of your blog to help me find my long lost thrill jockey from the festival. Rocketman Rogers sure had an impact, i'm still thinking of him over 30 years later. I'm hoping to spark a reunion in NYC this fall. My video shout out to his lovetastic legacy is here: http://boomercoalition.org/bc3/reunite.asp

Another James

If questioned, all you have to say is, "Hey, there's hot chicks on that show". Real men understand.


Yeah I too am a straight guy and I watched the show by accident and became hooked. Until then, based on the commercials, I had sworn I would never watch it. Plus, like some guy said, the name does sound like "girls behaving badly" and that show absoultely sucks! Unwatchable. Plus that horrible VO announcer in the GGD commercials made me not want to watch. I was so against watching GGD that when I woke up and saw it was starting, I searched frantically for my remote, but thank god I couldn't find it and was too lazy to get up because by the end of the second episode I was calling my sister and every woman I know trying to get them to watch. EVERYONE who watched it loved it including my 54 year old mother. I was so against watching the show and so trying to diss it but I was comepletely won over. I'm looking forward to the return of GGD (PLEASE) more even than Family Guy. Of course I could never tell any dudes about it! Just like some guy said, I know exactly what would happen. But I'm telling everyone's wife or girlfriend and I bet we'll have a lot of crossovers that way. Good luck and I hope you return. Your show is the only watchable original show on that entire network...but more than that, it is truly great.

Some guy

thanks for the oxygen email address... I hope they read the email i sent asking to bring the show back. I liked it alot. And I'm a guy(not gay). But alot of my friends call me otherwise, when i tell them that I liked this Tv show on Oxygen called "Good Girls Don't". So maybe, if the show does come back, you can get the producers to change the name to be less feminine, so that my friends wont disparage me.

Also maybe the name change will help the ratings.
I think it would. Funny is funny. And the show was funny. But the guys are being put off my the name... and also I think everyone who does hear about GGD, get it confused with the other show on Oxygen "Girls Behaving Badly". Wut the hell is that?


When are you "coming out" of the woods, I love reading the tales trials and tribulations. I hope
that the show come back and you bring your talents to Denver one day soon. I am going to send an email requesting the shows presence be returned to us.



you're totally welcome!



Thanks for all the great posts, Jane. Hope to see you on the blog and on TV again soon!

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