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August 02, 2004



Great review and an interesting topic. Nice job!


I do agree with you.

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If I'm managing communications for the USO and my ultimate goal is to increase donations, I know that somehow I need to form a relationship with a potential donor if I'm ever going to have a prayer of getting him or her to give me money. So let's call our potential donor/stakeholder Veronica. The USO's relationship with Veronica starts when she sees a volunteer at the airport, or when a friend suggests she become a fan on Facebook, or when she watched Stephen Colbert's show in Bagdad.


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With stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain. Friedrich von Schiller (1759 - 1805)


Oh come on now...Brandy's worth more than that don't you think? If for no other reason than the fact that she's already a millionnaire and has a longer career life than her new hubby-to-be. He would NEED to put some dough down on her ring finger before his leg goes out or five more years pass and he's too old for the league. He's just making an investment as far as I can tell. :-) And can you tell that I actually like Brandy?...


So what is this, some sort of cute Pop cult referent to moronic whatsis? Jane probably doesn't exist, save in some imagination or other. If she is an actual human being, one supposes that is not important. It's all merde.


buffy, you're a girl after my own heart. i think it's an "m" that used to be for a girl whose name began with an "m" but now davis just says it's 'M" for mistake. he's cagey about it.



hey jane,
what is that thingy on davis' left boobie? Is it a really weird tattoo or does he have a third nipple like Mark Walhberg always and forever known as Marky Mark- (remember that Calvin Klein commerical he was in with that walking skeleton Kate Moss?) If its not an extra appendage on Davis, then maybe its a weird looking tattoo, which would break my concentration so I would only have sex with him from behind or anal.

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