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August 16, 2004


edlyn cosejo

leonardo should date a girl with poise not like giselle
how dare she told my idol that he is so small after they broke up well giselle your nobody just a waste of oxygen ur not that beautiful you know you look like an ostrich on my magazine that i bought !
hate you really gisele do you agreee guys? im new here nice to meet you all

Frog Prince

Jane, what can I say? You da girl. You rock the house. Oxygen blows for stiffing us on GGD. Apparantly they haven't heard enough of my insistance (dunno if that's a word, but who cares?) I'm also so flattered at all your references to me recently. *sigh* Life AM good. Viva la many, MANY orgasms to you in the future.

-F. Prince


all i can say is email again and again and again? thanks for being a fan. and i'm impressed that your husband is on a submarine. xo to you and him,


Supposedly shows like Hill Street Blues were cancelled but viewers threw fits and it stayed on air for years and years - how did they do it? [did I just date myself when I referenced Hill Street Blues? I was a fetus when all the cancelling/airing occurred, I swear!] I've emailed but it's not enough! I NEED GGD!

Oh and by the by, I agree - the Iraq team was hot, hot, HOT and I'm not just saying that because my husband is on a submarine right now.



so would I! write to

[email protected]

and tell 'em u wanna see more shows!



Hate to tell you this - GGD hasn't been on ALL weekend, and I'd like to know what happened to it! :(

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