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August 13, 2004


Free Chat

I found this blog on a google search and boy am I glad I did. I thought I heard someone mention it in a free chat room.
Awesome read!


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Pretty close to the toilet technique. He would malk some noises and a face then dispose of it before she got a chance to see it.
Just more proof that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


l-boogie: how exactly did he fake it? did he do the condom to the toilet technique? (cuz i just made that up!)


and frog prince, you rule.


Yes, men can fake orgasms. My husband did it with previous girlfriends. (Before we ever met.) He said sometimes he was really hungry and just couldn't wait. So I am always sure he is well fed now!

Frog Prince

Jane, thanks for the advice. That may not be EVERY girl's cup of tea, but it sounds pretty enjoyable, at least enough to satisfy the average gal. I'll try and practice next time I get ice cream. I'm also glad my question helped you out too. Kinda funny how that came round full circle. Hope neither of us are left disappointed.
Have a fun trip and if it doesn't work out gimme a holla! (hahaha) Cuz after all, as a wise person once said, "It's not easy being green."

-Frog Prince

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