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July 28, 2004



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yeah, jane!! *cheers*

she'll come around...just give her some time.

p.s. - she's on my list too!

p.p.s. - so are you! ;)


yes, marjorie is on the list big time!!



hey, jane...
you forgot to put marjorie on your list. :)


*points to the "about me" page*

"(by the way, I’m not actually real, I’m a fictitious character on the TV series "Good GIrls Don't." But that won’t stop me from writing to you every day. I mean, every weekday. Cause on weekends I’m in party mode.)"

you're speaking to the jane! not the joy!



hi! we met at the winnipeg fringe festival? i was the
girl from new york doing the "america vs. canada"
show? and the other show with my boyfriend. we
chatted the day the cbc servers went down? i tried to find an email address but it kept bouncing back at me, so i thought this was the best way to contact you...anyway, no
matter, just wanted to let you know that i just saw a
short peice about you on "Celebrity Justice",
something abou j-walking?
they used the clip of you as the hippy-albino- gril
from "not another teen movie". i was a little stoned,
so i was like, whoa...did that just happen? i know
that girl! anyway, i thought you should know. CJ is
one step below Entertainment Tonight, so you better
start looking out for paparazzi!

hope you had a good festival, and hope you are doing
well! looking forward to very funny things for you. i
will keep an eye out for you.


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