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July 27, 2004



screw the blog reports! grab a hot camera man and mic and become oxygen's official reporter for the convention!!

we want more jane on the telly! and take marjorie along! and be sure to get lots of interviews with that cutie john edwards!


um, wait. when i say motorcycle i mean bicycle. but i do have a bed big enough for the both of us + guests - if you know what i mean.


i meant motorcycle. i hope they don't take points off my professionalism for that typo.

shelli: i saw bloggers' pix. you're right, i'm never gonna get it... not this time...


raz, you have a mortorcycle?! i'm so psyched. are u a boy or a girl?


jane, don't tease. you know you can stay with me in cambridge. i don't have unlimited fluffy towels but i do have a super hot motorcycle that will get you down to the action in a flash.


Your never gonna get it...(singing)
you are not uptight enough- have you seen pictures of some of these bloggers who get to be there?

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