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Hi, I’m Jane and I’m an 18 year old supermodel from the Ukraine. I’m lying, I’m a 28 year old hair stylist from Minnesota. But now I live in L.A. where my major goal in life is to have FUN and meet hot GUYS! And L.A. is hot guy central. I like going out with my friends, getting a li’l drunky and flirting my ass off… well, not literally off -- wouldn’t that be great? I smoke under four cigarettes a day and I always try to have safe sex. I also love sushi and anything chocolate. Or pistachio. I’m really psyched to share my blog with you guys... and if you have something to share with me, go for it! especially if you have a cute brother or know where to find a great hamburger.


(by the way, I’m not actually real, I’m a fictitious character on the TV series "Good GIrls Don't." But that won’t stop me from writing to you every day. I mean, every weekday. Cause on weekends I’m in party mode.)